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Recovery and Resiliency: Magellan's Core Treatment Principles

A rewarding job. A meaningful relationship with family and friends. A home of your own. A fulfilling life in the community. Most of us take these things for granted. But for many individuals challenged by mental health or substance abuse issues, they are dreams yet to be realized and life goals yet to be met. Cultivating a strengths-based, recovery-oriented system of care that allows individuals to achieve their goals is one of Magellan's highest priorities.

Read on for more about our focus on recovery and resiliency.

Resiliency: All people have qualities that enable us to rebound from adversity, trauma, tragedy, or other stresses and to go on with life with a sense of mastery, competency and hope.

Recovery: All people living with behavioral health conditions have the capacity to learn, grow, and change, and can achieve a life filled with meaning and purpose.

We believe that every individual and family has the ability to learn and grow. We support a philosophy of wellness that focuses on personal strengths, building hope and offering choices. Our focus on resiliency and recovery means that we help individuals and families achieve:

  • A sense of belonging
  • A safe place to live
  • Days filled with purpose
  • Skills to achieve wellness
  • A strong voice in our own lives
  • Hope and confidence in ourselves and our future

Core resiliency and recovery components within all of our programs:

  • Demonstrate appreciation for the individuals and families we serve.
  • Respect culture and language and communicate effectively.
  • Discover and support the strengths, skills, and attributes of others.
  • Think holistically about all areas of people's lives - their physical health, mental health, addictions, culture, ethnicity, education, language, work, social relationships, housing status, spirituality, etc.
  • Focus on the recipients' self-determined readiness.
  • Offer meaningful choices.
  • Optimize peer and family supports as well as natural supports.
  • Promote self-confidence in others.
  • Celebrate and share stories of success, especially those that foster hope and empowerment.
  • Measure, monitor and improve.
  • Create opportunities for service recipients and their families to play major roles in planning, delivering and evaluating services.
  • Model these principles in our actions, language and decisions.

Interested in learning more about our recovery and resiliency principles? Visit our Recovery & Resiliency e-Learning Center, or check out the resources below. 

Tools & Resources from our National Partners:

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Recovery & Resiliency

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Learn about promoting choice, direction and control for those with serious mental illnesses.

Magellan has partnered with national experts in behavioral health recovery and resiliency to offer a variety of informational and educational e-courses.

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