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Magellan Telehealth (also known as Telemedicine) is a new way to get behavioral health care services.  Telehealth is an online video counseling service that makes it easy to meet with your provider.  Using Telehealth can help you if you can't get to regular office appointments.  So if you are homebound or live far away you can still get the care you need.

Why go online?
Telehealth allows you and your behavioral health provider to communicate in real time when you need it.  You can be anywhere.  That's because it is done online.  Your provider can do everything he or she does during a regular face-to-face office visit.  This includes giving counseling and prescribing medications.  And it can be done during a secure, private online appointment.  Breakthrough is the company that sets up the service.

What are the benefits?
With Telehealth you can:

  • Easily find licensed providers.
  • Learn more about providers before choosing one.
  • Book appointments online.
  • Meet with your provider anywhere using your computer.

Is it hard to use?
No. Telehealth is simple to use.  All you need is a computer with a webcam and speakers and Internet access.  No special software or skills are required.  It makes it easy to get the help you're looking for.

Will it protect my privacy?
Telehealth complies with strict privacy standards.  All communications with your provider are private.  Your personal information is safe.

How do I get started?
Get started in just four easy steps!

There are two ways to use Magellan telehealth.

After one appointment on a computer, go to


 After one appointment on the computer you can use a smartphone.  Download the Breakthrough mobile app.

  • Apple store icon
    • Go to the App Store
    • Search “Breakthrough Behavioral”
    • Download the free app
  • Google Play icon
    • Go to GooglePlay
    • Search “Breakthrough Behavioral”
    • Download the free app

Next there are just three easy steps.

  • Search for a provider.
  • Sign up as a member.
  • Schedule an appointment.

You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire before your appointment.  Your online visit works just like a visit in an office.

  • Your provider will review your questionnaire with you.
  • You will discuss any issues you may be having.
  • Your provider will counsel you.
  • Treatment will be provided as needed.  This includes medications.
  • You will also talk about the need for more visits.

Is technical help available?
Yes.  Call Breakthrough support at 1-888-282-2522 with questions about the website.  You can also email

Breakthrough has a short video available that demonstrates how to use the Telehealth system.  To view the video click here (

Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions

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Learn about promoting choice, direction and control for those with serious mental illnesses.

Magellan has partnered with national experts in behavioral health recovery and resiliency to offer a variety of informational and educational e-courses.

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